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163 Sterling Rd
Toronto, Ontario
M6R 2B2
(416) 839-8405


With a vision for the aesthetic and control of the technical, I started out working as a scanning technician for the stock photography company Masterfile, transitioning to workflow automation, and eventually settling in the marketing department of the same company. By doing a 20 year career in graphic design began that continues to this day. My early experience in stock photography and graphic design have both led me to specialize in book cover design, with clients such as Dundurn Press in Toronto.

I am also a multidisciplinarian equally comfortable shooting photography and video in the field, as I am with bringing content to the digital realm for detailed work in programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Final Cut Pro.

On the more technical side, I spent part of my career programming in Adobe Director's language 'Lingo' (and Adobe Flash's Actionscript). I then went on to gain experience making complex multi-application scripts in Applescript for processing thousands of images for a stock photography company. I also having extensive experience making html/css/javascript websites, both freelance for a number of small businesses and tradespeople and also within a corporate environment with large teams working on a more complex website. I also have experience with ebooks and fixed layout epubs.

Thriving on difference and challenge, I search out a variety of projects and enjoy employing new solutions that can come from understanding multiple mediums and how they intersect.



June 2008 - Present

With extensive experience with marketing materials for musicians (one-sheets, EPKs, posters, vinyl and CD packaging) a regular client is Canadian label Coax Records. In 2016-2017 I've also done 9 book covers (all freelance) for Dundurn Press based in Toronto.

Envoy Business Services

May 2014 - Jan 2016

This was a part time job near my home at the photocopy centre on Roncesvalles Ave. My duties included the everyday photocopying jobs associated with customer service, as well as overhauling the P.O. Box system to contact and/or clear out deliquent accounts and taking care of various graphic design jobs that came through the shop.

Because the shop is a smaller operation, I worked every shift alone and so generally had to manage the shop and make independent decisions while I was on shift.

Manulife Financial

June 2008-Feb 2010

A very technically precise job, my duties were to open complex Quark Express documents and update the text to reflect new changes. The job required the ability to adapt as the new changes required without disturbing the existing layout of the document.


Oct 1997 - May 2007

My employment at Masterfile Corporation, a stock photography company, included 3 years as a scanning technician doing color correction, 2 years doing workflow automation and programming scripts for image processing in applescript, and 5 years in the marketing department creating marketing materials (web & print) and front end design of the website.

Huron Board Of Education

June 1996 to Aug 1997

After being hired out of a high school multimedia course, I was part of a team that made a CD-ROM commissioned by the Ministry of Education dealing with peer to peer sexual harassment in Ontario's secondary schools called 'The Joke's Over.'

After completing 'The Joke's Over' I was sent to another local high school to train five student volunteers and one teacher while creating the educational CD-ROM 'Canada in a North American Perspective'.



2005 - Present

With a Canon 5D and more recently a Sony A7s and several Canon L Series lenses, I've done a variety of independently booked photography work. Recent clients include Thompson Educational Publishing and several months as the regular Saturday night event photographer for The Fifth nightclub. I've booked and shot many weddings over the years, and done everything from product photography to family portraits, actor headshots, and many band/musician photos (including Polaris prize nominees Yamantaka/Sonic Titan).

Diesel Weddings And Lifestyle Photography

Jan 2009 - Feb 2010

Working alongside other photographers and videographers employed by the company, I gained valuable experience with bigger production wedding documentation, as well as a more charismatic style of interaction with clients.


June 2007 - Aug 2010

Photo studio located in downtown Toronto that for several years did on figure photography for the Zellers catalogue. My duties mostly included detailed Photoshop work removing models in photos from the white backgrounds so new backgrounds could be used, and some color correction. In addition I built and maintained their website.


2010 - Present

Using a Sony EX3 & Sony A7s along with a DJI Ronin-M and a Canon L Series 50mm f1.2, I've done all kinds of projects for all kinds of people. Live concert footage and music videos for various Toronto musicians (LAL, Bruno Capinan, Yamantaka/Sonic Titan), behind the scenes footage for music videos shot in the Toronto area (Drake 'I Want To Be Successful', Death Cab For Cutie 'Meet Me At The Equinox'), various independently booked weddings, and a variety of other jobs such as shooting dental surgery for training purposes ( I've also directed, shot, and edited several music videos for prominent Toronto artists, most recently for Danielle Duval's single Undercover.


2008 to Present

Based out of a recording studio on Sterling Road in west end Toronto, I've done many album / per track audio productions for individual musicians. As part of producing or mixing music I will also do photography, videos, and other promotional materials. Artists who have recorded at the studio include Brazilian singer Luanda Jones and electronic duo Thunderheist.

Some complete album I've produced personally are the solo debut of Toronto Tabla Ensemble alumni Anita Katakkar and her project Rakkatak and Brazilian singer Bruno Capinan and his debut album Gozo.

In addition to music production I do a lot of voiceover recording in my studio and soundtrack work, including the score for Strange Matters, a full length 'fair use' documentary released in 2015 by Wandering Eye Productions.

I have also been a lifelong composer and producer of my own music. I've released many albums and EPs, most recently a vinyl EP Mere Oblivion on the Berlin based label New Kanada.